Our Diving

While you are at Bayu Cottages, LEARN to DIVE! Check out our dive courses that fit you with our in-house PADI instructor.

Bayu Cottages is located in the middle of a diving paradise and we provide a convenient environment for your dive courses ... You will get up-close-and-personal dive trainings from Unieng, one of Bayu Cottages' owners herself. During your stay, you can have the opportunity to talk with Marcel and Unieng about diving in / around Bali. Borrow their diving books from the library.. enjoy your training dives at great dive-spots, and snorkel in front of the hotel after your classes... and you can do your study at our open-air restaurant or at your own terrace or balcony.. so you don't have to be away for too long from your family or partner!

As our hotel guests, it is your opportunity to experience this luxurious way to learn diving... even more, you will be personally trained by a professional and highly qualified PADI instructor...who speaks Indonesian, English and Dutch... who is also educated as an architect and an environmental planner... an Indonesian female PADI Instructor (the FIRST in Bali!!!) with western standards and Indonesian hospitality.

Restuning Sandini, M.Sc (Unieng)
PADI Instructor # 487609

To make sure that you can join a dive course at Bayu Cottages, please book long in advance!